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The worst ride of your life

Distance: + 125 km
Elevation gain: + 4000m
Grades: > 27%

Bowen Island Man: Canada's worst ride

Bowen Island Man is not a man. But it's Canada's worst ride. Suffer like a dog and learn to hate cycling like never before. Put yourself on the leaderboard and brag to your wimpy friends.

This ride is for all riders deranged enough to enjoy an awful day in the saddle. It's Greater Vancouver's awful new classic.

  • incl. incomplete roadbook (soon)

  • exclusive perks from local businesses (maybe)

  • exclusive BIM  finisher swag (soon)

  • access to private Facebook group (probably)


The route

Ride almost 130km and climb more than 4000m. That's half an Everest! Prepare to die a death by 1000 cuts. Steep cuts. Up to 28%, to be precise.

No rhythm, no shoulders, more potholes than you can count. Dangerous gravel patches, countless suicidal deer, and did we mention the steep ramps?

"Not enough money in the world to make me go back there."

"Intervall Island! 😝 No kidding!"

"I almost ran over a deer. Twice!"

"Watopia in Real Life!"

"Worst Ride Ever!"

Why bowen Island?

Because this is an awful place to ride a bike.

An idyllic 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver will take you to the starting point of the worst bike ride you have ever been on.

Bowen Island Tourism tells us to tell you to tell your friends it's awful here.

We created a ride to make that point. That's all.

too awful for you?

The worst club on strava:

The worst is yet to come: BIM BaM BOOM

the worst read of your life

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